… if the wind goes where you send it, so will I

Welcome to our website documenting our journey building Selah a 12 Meter (40′) sailing catamaran. Selah was commenced in March 2016 and launched in November 2019. We were all set to begin our sailing adventures when like so many, our plans were interrupted by COVID19 upon the very eve of our departure.
In the meantime, please enjoy our build blog, and feel free to subscribe and receive updates as we plan our future journey’s.

Keep dreaming, and stay safe.
Peter & Debbie Imms

Recent posts:

Across Bass Strait

Well, it’s been a while since I updated our blog. We pray our readers are safe and well in these uncertain times.As I write this we are in Pt Stephens, north of Newcastle. This post will focus on our journey across Bass Strait and our time in Lakes Entrance. A lot has happened, so let’s … Continue reading

The journey begins

What a crazy year 2020 was! None of us could have foreseen what was just around the corner, this time last year. At the time of writing, in Australia, we are still subject to snap lockdowns, when an outbreak occurs. These usually only last for five days or so. But as short as they are, … Continue reading

COVID update

Right now, our boatbuilding life in Tasmania seems a lifetime away. The view from our window is of deep blue sky, that only the inland can produce, away from the haze and mist of the coast. It contrasts with the dramatic red of the MacDonnells, the remnants of a vast and ancient volcanic range that … Continue reading

Dreams on hold … for now

This post is being written from Alice Springs, where we are just about to finish our two week quarantine period. Tomorrow I get to hold my grandaughter for the first time, and be with our family. Just a quick update: In our last blog, Everything Has Changed, I wrote of our last voyage on Selah before … Continue reading

Everything has changed

Its hard to pinpoint the exact time everything changed. With every passing hour, the abstract became real. What at first seemed distant, was now at our door step. Then the borders began closing, and travel restrictions imposed. We realised our dreams of four years, were no longer open to us. Once the decision was made, … Continue reading

From Land to Sea (Part 1)…making the transition

I thought writing this post would be easy. But weirdly, it has actually been one the hardest ones yet. It’s only been 13 days since we put Selah on the water, but it seems much longer. The range of emotions has been wide: elation, joy, anxiety, stress, fatigue, satisfaction, awe and wonder. Selah was born … Continue reading

18 days to go

Launch day is booked for the 27th. Only 18 days to go, and other than a major calamity I think we are going to be ready for the transport team. So how are we feeling? It is something of an emotional roller coaster. Fit-out is by its nature mentally demanding, as there are so many … Continue reading

Can we make it?

Well, I guess the big question readers may be wondering is, when is the big day? Actually, as you can imagine, its been much on my mind in recent weeks. So, as I sat down to write this update, I took a look at the tide tables taking into account the three factors I have to work … Continue reading

Our first night aboard!

Last night we slept aboard for the first time. OK now… don’t get too excited. No, we haven’t launched Selah without telling you. But we are pleased to let you all know that our girl is now decently clothed and is fully weathertight. To celebrate we rolled up the big tent. It was a momentous … Continue reading


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