Launch Day

Launch day, Nov 27th 2019 6.30am. Selah begins her journey to the boat ramp, Port Sorell, Tasmania.
So far so good. 
On way to the 

Launch Day, Nov 27th, 2019, 6.30am. Easing Selah through the foliage to the boat ramp at Port Sorell.
Launch day, Nov 27th 2019, 6.30am. Manourvering down the boat ramp at Port Sorell. Its a tight fit, between a couple of steel bollards that had been keeping me awake at night!
Launch day, Nov 27th 2019, 6.30am. We are through! Selah is lowered onto the ramp, to await high tide. It was a huge relief.
Launch day, Nov 27th 2019, 12 noon. We untie lines, and for the first time, Selah heads out under her own power.


A short video my brother made as we were midway through painting, discussing various aspects of the build process.
Using our plane fitted with “wings” to form the progressive bevel at the chine.


First we lifted the hulls to ensure all the stations were disconnected from the strong-back. Then we rolled them onto their sides.
Then we rolled it onto its keel and walked it back to the strong-back…
… where it was positioned onto the concrete plinth we had built into the strong-back frame.