About Us

Perhaps it was the cancer operation or, as my daughter suggested, just plain old mid-life crisis, but sometime around the middle of 2015 Deb and I made the decision to relocate from Alice Springs to Port Sorell and build a 12 metre catamaran.

So whatever the reason (and there is a reason for everything)  we write this blog to share a little of our journey with our friends, old and new and our rather large extended family.

It’s by no means a unique story, as the boat we chose to build was designed specifically for amateur builders, and many have gone before us. It is, however, a major project and rather daunting for two Centralians from the red center of Australia.

So please join us.

Pete and Deb Imms

PS: whats in a name?

Selah is ancient Hebrew. So ancient in fact that its literal meaning has been lost in the midsts of time. I love that.  It is most commonly used in the Book of Psalms seen in both the Torah and the Bible and is believed to encourage the reader to  “Pause and reflect”.