Selah is a Sarah design catamaran from the Easy stable of designs by Peter Snell. http://easycatamarans.com

Peters designs are available in five sizes, and are proven with over one hundred on the water. They are well regarded in Australia.

Her primary specs are:

  • LOA 12m.
  • Beam 6m.
  • Draft 750cm.
  • Weight is aprox 4.5 tons

She is constructed from fibreglass, epoxy and plywood composite.

Sarah lines

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Pete and Deb, thanks for sharing your build log and for making it as comprehensive as you have. It’s a real inspiration. I’m preparing to start building a Sarah myself in the next few months and wondering if you’d be willing to share which suppliers you found best, especially for some of the big ticket items like timber, ply, epoxy, etc. I’m in SE Qld so probably won’t face some of the transport challenges you’ve had. Thanks in advance.
    Cheers, Tony


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