Planking commences

A week of good weather has seen us make steady progress. We have commenced planking the hull. First each plywood sheet is offered up to the hull and temporarily clamped in position. The edges are marked for trimming, and the location of the stringers and frames marked on the inside. Each sheet is then removed, cut to fit and holes pre-drilled for the stainless fixing screws every 100mm. We have chosen to pre-sand the internal surfaces while the sheets are on the bench. They will be treated with one coat of resin prior to installation, then two more once fitted, and the hulls turned over. Then we screwed the sheets back in position with temporary screws, so that its neighbouring sheet can be cut to fit. Next week (weather permitting) they will all come off again to be resined, glued and screwed into position. It’s exciting to see the first hull finally take shape into something that looks like a boat. It’s also reassuring to see the entire structure stiffen up. This is one of the advantages of building yourself. Our confidence in her strength grows with each step of the build process.

Marking and pre-drilling the final fix screw holes.
Deb pre-sanding the inside surface.
Topside dry-fit complete.
Commencing the lower top-side
First sheet on.
Using our trusty laser level to trim the curve.
This is what she will look like when done.

1 thought on “Planking commences

  1. Wow I like the look of the finished product. It has very nice lines to it. Oh and you are Selah 3 apparently. Speaking to our friends daughter about your name and she said there is 1 in the U.S as well so you are getting further down the list. Bit of Tassie weather in Adelaide tonight absolutely howling gale here-Selah 2 just made it back to port after a week away before it swept in.


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