Strongback build

Pete checks the levels

We had a bit of a win today. For some time I have been trying to think of a low cost way to build the strongbacks. They need to be straight and strong, but with a combined length of 48 linear meters purchasing new timber was going to cost close to $400. My original plan was to use 18 x 190mm DAR Hoop Pine that would be repurposed for the main beams after the hulls are turned over, and the stongbacks are no longer needed. Then I remembered that there were a number of industrial shelving beams in storage on the block. I had used a few to make shelves in the container. I realised they would make excellent stongbacks, well capable of holding the weight of the hulls, and best of all, they cost nothing. My brother-in-law, who owns the block, was happy for them to be used. Today we started assembling. We cut sleepers into 750mm lengths for cross beams, and screwed the shelving beams with 100mm x 14g bugle screws. Slow and painstaking work as the ground is uneven, and we need to get them straight. Its full steam to get them both completed by Wednesday when our shipment of plywood and timber is due to be delivered, and we can start building the actual boat!

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