Materials arrive

Today was a good day…

Russ operates the fork
3000 meters of timber QLD Hoop Pine
6M timber pack on the trailer
This into a 40′ cat?

One of the challenges when embarking on a major build project the size of Selah is researching and sourcing the materials, and then managing the vast amounts of it, when it arrives. Surprisingly we were unable find willing suppliers locally, despite Tassy being a wood and timber state. Even after paying over $2000 for freight from QLD, it came in at around half the price of locals suppliers. I have been fortunate to be able to chat with a number of other Easy builders, which has been a major help and source of encouragement, and a big time saver. I would like to especially mention Ryan and Peter at (International Panels) QLD for their excellent service. Deb and I spent the whole day, packing and sorting the 3000 linear metres of Queensland Hoop Pine from Lindsay Myers Timbers (QLD). We should be able to begin construction proper next week.

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