Family days and fiberglassing completed

Boatbuilding has taken a back seat this month for a much more important project … the wedding of our youngest daughter, Haley. It was a terrific day and we are thrilled to have a new addition to the family, Sam.

The long-awaited big day: Our youngest, Haley and our newest addition to the family, Sam.

Prior to the wedding we were able to complete the outboard motor mount and hull step which is fabricated on the inner side of each hull, and fiberglass the hull.

Hull sanded & prepped for fiberglassing.
Keel glued and faired to hull
Outboard mount & step.

This assembly has three primary functions. It provides mount points for the auxiliary motors and is a step from the main saloon down into the hulls. It also stiffens the hulls and spreads the torque loads of the motors.

Outboard mount sheeting ready for offering to hull
Sheet glued and screwed
Bridge deck ready for gluing. This section is the guest cabin bed and extends into the hull.
Preparing the fiberglass. We rolled 4.2 metre lengths onto a length of PVC pipe and rolled onto the hull.

Fiberglassing was a big job. We chose to cut the 1m wide x 200 GSM roll into manageable 4.2m lengths for ease of handling. It was relatively stress free, and for once we were thankful for the cooler Tasmanian temperatures for giving us plenty of working time with the epoxy. We used a combination of squeegee’s and 115mm disposable mohair rollers to wet out the cloth.

Fiberglassing the hull
Hull outboard side fiberglassed and taped. Pete devised a trolley system to roll out the tape.

The fiberglass is used in various ways. In some places it is bulked up in multiple layers to provide structural rigidity. In others its only a waterproof layer and has no structural purpose. The chines are all doubled up with fibreglass tape for abrasion resistance from ropes and lift-out slings. We were carefull to work exactly to the layouts specified in the plans. Potential stress points are well-known and accommodated for in the plans, with over a hundred of the Easy family of boats on the water.

Hull inboard side showing multiple layers of fiberglass tape re-enforcement.

2 thoughts on “Family days and fiberglassing completed

  1. Phew I was getting worried there it was so long since you had posted and thought family illness might have taken a turn for the worse. Glad to see it was a happy occasion that delayed the post! Nice to see you both working together like that and thoroughly enjoying the storyline so far and thank you for sharing it with us. Tony


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