Joining the hulls

This week we have been working towards joining the hulls. First we leveled the hulls fore/aft and vertically, using the laser level as a guide. Once leveled off, we used a small hand winch and a snatch strap around the keel to slide the hulls forward and backwards as required to bring them into alignment.

This turned out to be a lengthy process, and at times frustrating. For a while every small adjustment would knock out another. The critical adjustment was to ensure the bridge deck aperture was square and plum and correct to a few millimeters, not easy to do over such a long length. eventually the monster bridge deck will be jacked up and slotted into that space. Once we hit upon the idea of using a couple of spacer beams that enabled us to fine tune the hulls for level, while at the same time maintain the bridge deck gap, it came together quickly. The laser level was used to double-check waterline levels, and we were thrilled that they were within a few millimeters bow to stern. Selah is one straight boat.

Other job completed this week was sheeting the stern steps / swim platforms. While most of the upper decks are sheeted in 9mm ply, we were advised to sheet the steps in 12mm, as they are subject to higher loads . We need to conserve our stocks of 12mm so we laminated 9mm with 6mm for a total thickness of 15mm. Combined with the slight deck curve Pete decided to build in, the result was a very stiff deck. So pleased are we, we have decided to laminate the remainder of the steps in the same fashion. Before closing up, Deb saturated the internal void with three thick coats of epoxy, plus filled or filleted all the internal joins to ensure any water ingress will run down to the lowest part of the space. A flush mounted deck plate will be installed to allow access to mop up any moisture that may form.

Meanwhile, Deb has completed waterproofing the under-floor of the shower, wet room. The shower grey water will be pumped from there into a holding tank.

Pete has also been scarfing the wide 190mm profile boards that make up the cross beams, that we have begun installing.

These beams are double skinned truss members that join the two hulls, and in the case of frame 5, take the compression loads of the mast, plus form bulkhead dividers between various living spaces.

Hulls aligned, we began assembling the main beams.
Laminating the lower spar of the aft beam.
Winching the hulls into alignment.
Gluing up the starboard swim platform.
Port platform ready to be trimmed for fiberglassing.
Deb waterproofing the shower under-floor.
All done.
Scarfing jig.

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