Saloon Settee completed

The design and construction aspect of the saloon settee is complete. We will return to it when the water tanks we have ordered from Atlas tanks arrive. They are installed under the settee, directly behind frame five. Part of the construction has been designed to be removable, to facilitate removal of the tanks in the future, if necessary.

We decided to take the time to convert the void space behind the backrest into storage spaces, so they got a good sanding and a double coat of epoxy, before the backrest was fitted.
The sections that are permanently fitted have been bonded to the bridgedeck. The water tanks will be positioned before the remainder is fixed in place.

We have been impressed by the sheer size of the thing. 3.2m x 1.8m in a U configuration; sizable even by house standards, enormous for a 12-meter boat. It will be the heart of our home: the place where we will spend most of our time.

Six hatches were cut to allow access to storage spaces behind the backrest. The outer two cutouts are to access the fill and breather connections on the water tanks. The seat panels are all removable. The recommended cushions are 75mm high-density foam. We are yet to decide if we will cover them with simple covers, or if time and finances allow more salubrious fitted upholstery.

There is plenty of space for entertaining, or to use as sea births on overnight passages.
Water tanks go in here.
Battery and inverter spaces.
The seats lift to allow access to the hardware underneath.

The settee construction has pretty much absorbed all of Pete’s time over the past two weeks, as it has been detailed and fiddly work. Deb, in the meantime, has done the resin work, filleting, and double coating the internal spaces, where batteries, inverters and other electrical equipment will be fitted. In between, she has returned to sanding and cleaning up the hundreds of meters of filleting she has done in the various cabins, a seemingly never-ending job.

On other fronts, we have chosen and ordered fixtures and fittings for the galley, including the oven, which has arrived and is sitting in its designated spot, waiting for the enclosure to be built. That’s next weeks job.

5 thoughts on “Saloon Settee completed

  1. You ate right saying this is the heart of your home. For us above of course the seats with comgy but sturdy upholstering around the dining table, doubling up as bunks when sailing overnight, and underneath: water storage, battery storage, first aid kits and medical supplies in the spare space! Don’t skimp on the furnishings – you are there a lot! We used Warwick suede – if we drop some food or nasties on it, it washes out without a trace.


    • Hey Robyn! Hope you and the kids are all well. Thanks for your comment. We are really enjoying this season: after 20 years of ministry work we feel blessed to be working with our hands for a change. Will be back in Alice for the baby, so if you around we’ll catch up with the news.


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