Starboard hull completed and Port hull commenced.

It was a big day for us when we finally completed the starboard hull. After fairing the hull we had a delay of a couple of days as we waited for the paint to arrive, which somehow got lost in transit. We have decided to use Jotan Penguard HB epoxy high-build as the undercoat followed by Hardtop Ultra White polyurethane two pack which we will apply after joining the two hulls together. Jotan is considered the best quality marine paint on the market.

We took the opportunity to use our newly acquired spray equipment, including the supplied-air breathing system we imported from the US. It was purchased with the final Two-Pack paint in mind which contains isocyanates, so strictly speaking was not necessary for the undercoat which is epoxy based.  However, Pete wanted to get used to painting in a full hood before tackling the critical final coats. It was also the first time we used the compressor and 10 litre syphon feed spray equipment bought for the build. All went flawlessly and we were very happy with the result. We have only done one coat at this stage, primarily as a weather coat, until the Port hull is completed. Then we will apply two more coats of primer and fairing filler to both hulls.

After finishing we gave ourselves an early minute and went for a celebratory coffee, resplendent in our painting clothes. We suspect the locals are getting used to us as word gets around about the project. There is something about boat building that captures the imagination of many people, and we often have visitors popping in to have a look.

The next day we commenced work on the port hull, and over the following week erected the frames and glued the keelson. Next week we begin installing the chines.

Completed starboard hull
The supplied-air hood in action. Fresh air is supplied by an external turbine located away from the job.
Spraying the first coat.
Outboard mount assembly
Port hull commences. Erecting the first frame.
Frames and stem erected. Next week we install the chines.

2 thoughts on “Starboard hull completed and Port hull commenced.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ! Pete and Deb.
    Whoever reads this give thanks to God for the love,care and concern Peter and Debbie exercise for two sets of ageing parents.
    Dare I speak on behalf of all four? A confident YES is the answer.
    Love and prayers to you both. Rob K.


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