Port hull framed up

Port hull framed up ready for sheeting
This shot gives an idea of the final dimensions of the boat after the hulls are turned over.

Our building mates had advised us that we would be surprised by our progress with the second hull. This has turned out to be true. In the last two weeks we have erected the frames, glued and screwed the keelson, chines and stringers, plus planed the bevels:  a process that took us about six weeks first time round. The hull is now ready for sheeting.

Since the beginning we have tried not to put undue timeline pressure on ourselves. It’s gratifying however to see the pace pick up as we gain experience and confidence.

But as they say, pride comes before a fall, and now Pete is laid up on light duties for a week or so with an inflamed shoulder.


Not to worry, we have taken the opportunity to do some Gum-Treeing and have sourced some excellent gear for the boat, that we will pick up in Hobart. We will also spend some time with Pete’s parents helping them to set up their new house.

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