Rapid progress with the Port Hull

Building a catamaran is a bit like building two boats. Much of the work that has occupied us for the last four weeks has been covered in previous posts, but here is an update of our current situation.

After taking a week off due to Pete’s inflamed shoulder, we have been working towards completing the Starboard hull sheeting, prior to taking our Christmas break. Currently the hull is fully sheeted to topside level, and we will begin cutting and fitting the bottom panels on Monday.

When we return in mid January we will be straight into fibreglassing, fairing and under coating the hull. The rudder and keel are already built.

After that we will start construction of the massive 2.4m  x 7.3m bridgedeck, that spans the two hulls.

Outboard topsides fitted
Inboard topsides fitted
Deb using the notched trowel to ensure full glue coverage.
Topside panels, cut to shape, pre-drilled & coated with resin prior to installation
Deb pre-coats butt joints.

3 thoughts on “Rapid progress with the Port Hull

    • Thanks! Yes we’re really happy with the progress! I think having been forced inside with the rain while we had the the big tarp off the shelter meant that we had a lot more prepared, and second time around we’ve developed more confidence.
      Hopefully, it’s a case of slow & steady wins the race! 😊

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