Gearing up for roll-over

Well we have made the date and sent out the invites…

Rollover invite web version

Next Saturday will be a major milestone for us as we roll the hulls.

We should be able to make the deadline.  The bridgedeck bearers have been affixed and we are currently sanding and cleaning up in preparation for fiberglassing, applying QCell and fairing.

As all this is happening, a lot of thought is going into the best method to roll the hulls. Pete has made calls to gather info from others and we feel reasonably confident about the process. The challenge for our particular site is the roughness of the ground. We will not be rolling onto a smooth concrete floor, so will have to make provision to protect the topsides we have so painstakingly faired smooth.

As well as rolling the hulls, and while we have a captive volunteer team, we will also be turning the bridgedeck and placing at the optimal position for the two of us to offer it up to the yet to be built cross beams, in a few weeks. In the meantime it will function as a sort of giant work-platform to stand on while we construct the cross beams.

Deb on the sander again. Cleaning up for fiberglassing.
Gluing on the bearers. First the base was pre-resined and smothered in epoxy glue…
…then flipped over and screwed in place. After drying a double fillet was applied along the entire length. This effectively doubles the glue surface area, and is astoundingly strong.
The various butt and scarfing joints were liberally glued with epoxy resin mixed with West System 403 filler.
Pre-resining the butt joint. With structural joins we do a “wet” bond. First the timber is coated with a layer of raw resin which penetrates the wood fibers, then while still wet, we apply the glue mix and screw or clamp the assembly together. As the resin chemically bonds it “welds” the wood together. The resin continues to cure for months.

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