Bridgedeck complete

The lower bridgedeck is complete and ready to be rolled over. This beast taught us a few thing along the way.

Big and unwieldy, we underestimated how long it would take us to build.  It had to be finished in time for roll-over day so the pressure was on. The last detail sanding was completed by smoko today. Pete then spent the remainder of the day unscrewing the hulls from the building frames and making preparations for rolling the hulls tomorrow. Deb tidied up the site and organised catering for the volunteers.

We halved the width of the 1m wide roll, which fitted perfectly, running up the sides of the bearers. Resin was applied with squeegee’s, the fastest way to wet out cloth when horizontal.
We then used 150mm fiberglass tape over the bearers and used rollers to wet out. This method avoids the problem of air pockets forming along the fillets, and was significantly faster than trying to massage wet cloth over multiple bearers.
After fiberglassing Qcell was applied and sanded smooth.

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