Internal fitout #3

This is our third post about the internal fit out phase of the build, so rather than try to think of a clever name for each one, we are just going to number them, until we reach the next milestone: painting the interior.

Apart from some minor trim details, the two sleeping cabins, and both fore-peak cabins are essentially finished. This was mostly fabricating various shelves and lining the fore-peaks with 4mm ply.

We have installed shelving under the foot of the master bed.
The plans stipulate that the outboard stringers in the fore-peak cabins are to be re-enforced by 9mm shelving, as we have done here, or by doubling the thickness of the stringers. 
As a break from the endless filleting and sanding, Deb took to the tools this week to drill & trim ventilation holes for the refrigerator space.
The holes will help to ventilate the condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator.
We mirrored the curve of the vanity bench in the guest heads, for its accompanying shelf.
The shelf was a structural requirement stipulated by the designer. It will be bonded to hull to aid stiffness and will provide some impact resistance. The stringer below is on the waterline, and has been doubled in thickness. 
The inboard galley area behind frame seven will be kept free of furniture to provide swing space for the fridge door. 

Another big job completed this week, was fixing the laminex to the benches in the galley. For this we enlisted the help of Russell, who will also install the kitchen cupboard doors.

A spray contact adhesive was used to glue the laminex, which was then pressed down with a rolling tool.
We couldnt resist sitting the sinks in place for a look-see. We trimmed the laminex back 10mm on the outboard side to facilitate an epoxy fillet bond to the hull.

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