Internal fitout #1

Since our last post, we have been focused on completing the internal fit-out to paint stage. After painting, we will fit the deck and build the turret. Our reasoning is that although our shelter has done an outstanding job, especially since we upgraded it (see The big top is back on. ) we are conscious that it is basically a big tent, and we will be happier when she is weather-proof, in the event of a major storm. Last winter was relatively mild, but we don’t want to push our luck too far.

To that end we have completed the flooring in the saloon, fitted the internal hull access steps, and clear finished the hull floors and benchtops. We applied four coats of Wattyl Estapol Flooring Moisture Cure Polyurethane and a very happy with the results. It seems weird to be doing “final finish” surfaces at this stage of the build, but we decided it was necessary to get them done so they can be covered and taped up prior to spray painting.

The saloon flor has been topped with a dress sheet. We cut 6mm sheets to fit, routed grooves and filled with white epoxy to match the hull floors.
Deb finishing up the filling, prior to clear finishing with Polyurethane.
We used an edge trimmer fitted with an 8mm dovetail bit.
Deb applied four coats to the hull floors.
We were pleased with the depth of the gloss of the Wattle product.
The saloon floor finished.

Selah’s designer provides a suggested outline of the internal fit out, but not specific framing and structural details. We have enjoyed the process of designing the interior to suit our needs, but it can be challenging and time-consuming. On any given fabrication the timeline seems to be: 30% planning/designing, 30% selecting materials and marking-up, and 40% actual building.

It’s the hidden spaces that are the hardest to get right, and the easiest to think “no one will see it”. We have aimed to avoid complexity in the lockers and enclosed spaces. We want to encourage air-flow, save weight and provide good visual access into all the nooks and crannies.

Our decision to fit a front opening fridge is a departure from the commonly used top loader. The smaller footprint has necessitated constructing a sub bulkhead to stabilise it. When installed the fridge is fixed to the bulkhead with a flush trim kit.
We decided to build the fridge support platform to be as open as possible, to encourage airflow around the compressor unit.
We estimate the loaded weight of the fridge to be around 90 kilos. These drop bearers are double filleted to distribute the weight along the length of the fabrication.
Even with relatively simple fabrications, we find it is beneficial to take the time to draw out the details, prior cutting.
The hull access steps have been fitted and topped with their dress sheets to match the saloon floor
The toilet floor has now been fitted. Here we test the new toilet for fit. We elected to with the more expensive of the TMC models that hide the macerating pump and plumbing within the porcelain base. Pete likes the wide footprint. Most marine toilets have a relatively narrow base and over time can work loose.
Test fitting an outboard. We wanted to check clearances prior to completing the cockpit fit- out.
The outboards are being stored off-site, so we took reference photos for future reference. The final installation will be done by the dealer, just prior to launch day.
The first of our metal fabrications have arrived from Almast in Launceston. We are happy with the quality of the work and will get the same workshop to do the rest of the metal fabrications.

3 thoughts on “Internal fitout #1

    • Thanks Chris. Its been an enjoyable part of the process. Now we have to cover it all up again to protect it! Looking forward to your exploits when you get back. If you end up in Pt Sorell again it would be great to catch up: however we will be back in Alice from mid-Feb​ to mid-Marc​h​. Either way, let us know, as we have family here who would be pleased to transport you to fuel, water and provisions.

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      • Thanks for the offer, Deb. We probably won’t be calling in at Pt Sorell, expecting to go down the West Coast, then around to the East Coast and back to the Furneaux, without covering the North side… but we’ll keep in touch. Enjoy Alice!


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